Cheer Team Policies and Procedures


As with any team sport or group activity, attendance is a vital part of success.


The summer is the foundation of our season; productive practices are a must for a successful season.

Practices are mandatory however we do encourage families to enjoy vacation time and other summer activities. Please just notify us of your time away by filling out a planned absence form. If you are in town we will expect that you will be at practice. We have created a weekend friendly schedule, so that families can enjoy their weekends as well.

We are what we repeatedly do, so if we want to have great competition routines, we have to have great practices and great practices are based on having the maximum number of athletes at the maximum amount of practice. There are a few excused absences: contagious illnesses with a doctors note, school graded events, and family emergencies. However, other sports or work that conflicts with practices, are not excused. Given the nature of this sport , if a conflict with an outside sport arises, cheerleaders must be willing to put their squad first.

Excused Absences

All excused absences must be submitted and approved in writing via our absence request form two weeks prior to missing practice. We understand things happen and there will be times an athlete has to miss practice. To help us achieve the highest levels of success, we encourage families who take summer vacations to not miss more than four (4) consecutive practices.

All-star cheerleading is an extreme sport that requires constant trust and consistency, which can only be achieved during those few hours of practice a week.

Unexcused Absence

Unexcused absences are inexcusable and seriously damaging to the team as a whole. Our practices are highly structured and pre-planned to achieve the most effective practices for our athletes. We know you will appreciate and respect our decision to have a zero tolerance policy for no call/no shows. In the event of a last minute emergency, failure to call and notify PHOENIX ELITE ALL-STARS will result in the immediate removal from our program.

There are several days that will not be excused*, (team camp, choreography, or any practice two weeks before a competition or showoff) for any circumstance and missing will result in immediate removal from our program.

After your 2nd unexcused missed practice all future unexcused absences will result in a $100 fee. Athlete’s missing the week of a competition, (unexcused), will be charged a $250 re-choreography fee. Athlete’s missing at scheduled extra practices, or choreography sessions will result in a $250 fee.

This is a TEAM sport and the TEAM is NEEDED in order for it to be successful.

All other excused planned absences must be communicated to the coaches, in writing, at least two-weeks prior.


Athletes are required to come to practice in order to maintain their spot in the routine, even if they can only watch. The only exceptions to this are hospitalization or a highly contagious illness. In either case a doctor’s note must be provided with full detail of the diagnosis and duration of treatment in order to be excused. If your child has a communicable disease (to include lice), it is important they are treated before returning to practice.


In the event that an athlete is injured at home or during other extra curricular activities, please notify us as soon as possible so we can get the necessary information to the coaches. Based on the person’s injury and length of recovery we will re-choreograph and make changes prior to practicing. Once the individual has fully recovered, he or she may or may not be choreographed back into the routine. Phoenix Elite All-Stars coaches reserve complete discretion in replacing such individuals for the rest of the season. All injured athletes must continue to pay their monthly tuition.

*Special circumstance may be discussed with Phoenix Elite All-Stars Owners.

Training Season:

– Starts immediately after placement of teams.

– Choreography camp will be set during this time & attendance is mandatory.

– Our coaches will push all athletes toward improving their skills, in an effort to improve their teams skill level as a whole.

– Training season is vitally important to build up endurance for the up-coming competition season.

Competition Season:

– Competitions generally begin in February & go through April.

– Phoenix Elite competes in 1-3 competitions per season.

– Competitions are typically one day events & sometimes two day events (requiring overnight stay).

– We try to schedule hotel room “blocks” for parents to reserve a room. However, travel arrangements & lodging accommodations are ultimately the parents responsibility.  

-Depending on the competition, it may or may not be required for you to book your room through an established room block.

– Competitions are the culminating feature of why these athletes work so hard during the training season. They are meant to be fun, exciting, and rewarding.

– Regardless of the outcome, all athletes are encouraged to maintain a positive attitude and required to display proper behavior and exceptional sportsmanship.

– Although Phoenix Elite All-Stars has many teams, we are one family. Everyone is encouraged to support and cheer for all Phoenix Elite All-Stars teams, as well as other opponents.

Practice Dress Code:

– Each athlete will receive 2 sets of practice wear. A summer & winter set.

This will include a bow, top, bra, shorts (capri’s for winter), socks, shoes and a backpack.

Practice wear instills and reinforces unity, teamwork and discipline in our program and is REQUIRED at all practices. Athletes not in designated practice wear will be charged a $5.00 fee. The athlete has the option to pay this fee, or by working it off via Fundraiser participation or doing an at home workout assignment, that must be filmed and verified by a parent and a coach to sign off on it.

If you need extra sets due to shared custody arrangements let our staff know so you can get them ordered.

– Even if you have participated in past cheer seasons with PHOENIX ELITE , you will be required to purchase new practice uniforms at the beginning of each new season.

– All athletes must wear underwear with their shorts and all female athletes must wear a sports bra under your practice top (regardless of age).

– If your athlete (regardless of age) comes to practice without a sports bra or underwear on, they will be provided to your athlete by their coach from the PHOENIX ELITE pro-shop and your house balance account will be charged for them accordingly.

– Hair must be pulled back in a high ponytail, with the bow given with the practice uniform.

– No jewelry of any kind is allowed during practice. Neither PHOENIX ELITE ALL-STARS nor PHOENIX ELITE ALL-STARS employees are responsible for jewelry if it is worn into the gym, removed from practice, lost or stolen.

– No cell phones, Ipods, Ipads, Nintendo DS or any other electronic devices are allowed during practice.

Competition Dress Code & Etiquette:

– All athletes must be in Phoenix Elite All-Stars apparel at all times while at competition. We want to see the Phoenix Elite All-Stars name everywhere! We are there to compete for and support Phoenix Elite All-Stars. Parents are encouraged to support their athlete and program by wearing Phoenix Elite All-Stars apparel.

– If an athlete is in uniform, it has to be the entire uniform, not pieces of it. Other acceptable clothing attire would be Phoenix Elite All-Stars warm-ups, or other PHOENIX ELITE brand apparel while at the competition venue. No jeans, pajama bottoms or the like at the competition venue.

– The athlete should at all times wear their cheer shoes. At no time should the athlete ever be wearing flip flops, tennis shoes, slippers, Ugg Boots, or the like at the competition venue.

– All hair and make-up should be completed before the athletes scheduled meet time.

– All dressing and changing of clothes must be done in a restroom, not the hallway or any other public place.

– Absolutely no jewelry at any time at the competition venue.

– No hats of any type at any time at the competition venue.

– During awards, FULL uniform is to be worn, with hair as specified and make up still on. No pajama pants, or warm up jackets or other jackets of any kind.

– No cell phones or electronic devices at awards.

– Parents, athletes, & all other Phoenix Elite All-Stars supporters should be respectful and courteous to other teams.

– Team spirit is a huge help, and does reflect in a teams’ overall score. Be prepared to get LOUD!

– Under no circumstances should you contact a cheerleading competition company. If you feel there is a reason to contact a cheer competition company, your request must be made through the all-star director or an owner.

– At the time your athlete is fitted for their competition uniform, you will make the ultimate decision as to what size uniform is ordered for your athlete. If your athlete grows throughout the year or any other circumstances occur that cause the competition uniform not to fit properly, you will be 100% responsible for the cost, labor & time involved in the alteration of that uni-form. The only thing PHOENIX ELITE will guarantee, is that your athlete receives the correct size uniform ordered.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as unto the Lord, not for men. Colossians 3:23