Day Camp Policies

In order for your child to participate in camp you must agree to the following:

Camp Policies


Phoenix Elite members receive 10% off. Membership status will be verified for all registrations.


Camps and workshops are specifically designed to suit the social-emotional development and cognitive needs of children whose appropriate ages are listed for each camp. Campers will engage in age-appropriate activities with other children of similar ages or abilities. Campers are expected to be able to use the bathroom independently.


Camp confirmations and important information will be sent via e-mail. If you do not receive these e-mails, please email us to confirm the correct e-mail address is on file.


Payment of camp fees are due in full upon registration. We only take credit card payment through our online registration system. 


Each camp has a maximum of 10 children to 1 adult per class. Our workshops are facilitated by individuals with experience teaching camps. Each session includes fun games and hands-on activities that encourage exploration. Our camp leaders take careful safety precautions to make sure that the campers are safe and well cared for during the day by doing head counts with each transition, frequent hand washing, name tags and staying together as a camp group while playing in the gym. 


  • Phoenix Elite All-Stars reserves the right to cancel camp and workshop sessions due to insufficient enrollment and will issue full refunds in such cases.
  • If you want to make changes to your registration, please contact us for assistance. 
  • You can call us at any time to check your registration status, register for additional sessions, purchase a camp t-shirt, and pay your balance.
  • There is a $5 flat administrative fee for any registration changes (including transfers and cancellations) at any time.
  • If you need to cancel your registration for any reason, you must provide notice 14 days before your session start date to receive a refund less the 10% cancellation fee plus $5. No refunds will be given within 14 days of session start date.
  • We are unable to offer refunds for missed camp days due to illness because your camp fees support the operational costs of the camp as a whole. We appreciate your understanding.


We strive to maintain a safe environment and ensure the health of all campers and staff. To help facilitate this, please only send your child to camp if they:

  1. Have been fever-free for 72-hours.
  2. Have not vomited within a 72-hour period.
  3. Have no eye infection.
  4. Are lice and nit free.


SNACK: All camps have scheduled time for snack. If you prefer a specific snack for your child, please plan accordingly. Half-day camp sessions have 1 snack mid-morning; Full-day camp sessions have 2 snacks, mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

LUNCH: Lunch will be provided for full day campers.  If your child has specific dietary needs/requirements please plan accordingly for snacks and lunch as we may not be able to accommodate.


Campers are expected to show respect for fellow campers, camp instructors, staff, themselves and the facilities. Due to safety concerns, disruptive behavior and physical aggression are not tolerated. Our camp staff are trained to use positive behavior management tools in the camps. If a child’s actions are disruptive and/or disrespectful to instructors or other campers, staff will speak with parent or caregiver about the behavior.  Serious or threatening behavior will require immediate pick-up with a result of camper being dropped from camp. No refunds will be available for serious or threatening behavior.


All campers must be signed in and out every day. Your child must be picked up by one of the adults designated at registration. On your first day of camp, please verify that the list of adults is correct and complete. If you need to authorize additional adults, please submit their full name in advance to our office or in person at drop-off. Campers will not be released to adults who are not on the list or who do not have valid identification.


Campers can be dropped off and picked up at the Main entrance of the gym. Camp staff will be there to meet you and your children. If you arrive late, please call to let us know you have arrived and you will be met at the front doors. 

Drop-off begins at 8:55 am or 5 minutes prior to the start of the session time. Pick-up begins 10 minutes prior to the end of the session time, 12:05pm is the latest pick-up. If you would like to retrieve your camper before the scheduled pick-up time, let us know as soon as possible, either at drop-off in the morning or via email or phone call throughout the day. This helps us get your camper to you as quickly as possible.


All of the necessary medical information will be supplied by the parent/guardian to Phoenix Elite All-Stars at the time of your registration. In an effort to help support your child, and ensure a successful camp experience for everyone, please inform us of any special medical or behavioral concerns ahead of time.  If you want to discuss your child’s needs more directly, please email to arrange a time to discuss (by phone or in-person) prior to the start of camps.


We are not able to administer medication for your child while they are in our care (epi-pens are an exception). If your child needs medication during their camp session, you are welcome to come and administer medication as needed.

If your child needs an epi-pen, the instructor will hold onto it during the day and help the child administer it if needed in an emergency or epi-pens will be stored in a locked medicine box at the front register.


During sessions that have poor air quality or heat advisory we will remain indoors with the a/c on.


Please send your child in play clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. While we use mostly washable products, stains can still occur. During our camps children play all around the gym, and they can sometimes tear, damage or stain clothes. It is also advisable to send them in layers, or with a change of clothes. Please send children in closed toe shoes


Please leave electronics, stuffed animals, trading cards and other toys at home. Our staff is not responsible for ensuring the safety or care of any such items. They can often become distractions for all campers and may end up lost or damaged.


If your child needs special accommodation or support while at camp, please email prior to enrollment to ensure we are able to meet the needs of your child. 


  • Email Us  or Call: (559) 677-7827

COVID-19 Risk

My child has been fever-free for 72 hours.
To the best of my knowledge my child is not sick or contagious.
To the best of my knowledge my child has not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 or traveled to a high risk location recently.
I understand the risks of COVID-19.