Cheer Team Policies and Procedures


Phoenix Elite All-Stars aims to provide the best and most unique choreography in the area. By joining the All-Star program all members and parents agree to keep all Phoenix Elite All-Stars related material (written or intangible) confidential. In addition to our fees, this agreement is an integral part of the consideration received in exchange for our services, and includes but is not necessarily limited to dance routines, stunts or pyramid sequences, tumbling passes, and similar maneuvers. This is our artistry, and it is subject to the same legal protections as other forms of art. As you know, nobody can legally copy a movie, painting, or CD without the artist’s permission. Likewise, nobody can copy our work without our permission. Please do not teach or share choreography, stunts, dance routines, or other material of any kind with your school cheer team or friends. This requirement is critical to our success in a very competitive field. Any violation can result in immediate dismissal from our program without refunds or reimbursements.