Cheer 101

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheer

What is the difference between School Cheer and All-Star Cheer?

When we talk about School cheerleading you think about athletes who are fostering school spirit. They’re trying to give the football team, basketball team, baseball team home field or home court advantage Every time that they are there. They’re trying to make sure the crowd gets loud, people are giving high-fives and it’s all about those Friday Night Lights. So when we compare that to all-star cheerleading, All-Star Cheerleaders don’t actually cheer at games they’re the ones out there competing for the trophy so they spend most of their hours in the gym trying to train and get better at all their skills so they can go out in front of judges get critiqued and hopefully win that award. The next difference we see between school cheer and All-Star Cheerleading is how the teams are actually broken up. So teams are broken up usually between age, skill level and community and we’ll explain all those right now. When we talk about age and high school cheerleaders we have the freshmen who are usually all pretty close in age then we have JV who are usually made up of our sophomores maybe some juniors and then Varsity which is typically made up of juniors and seniors now when we compare that to All-Star cheerleading the age groups are a little bit wider we actually have five dates groupings and it’s not surprising at all to see a ten-year-old on the same team as a 14-year old let’s say in the Junior Division. Another big difference between school cheer and in all-star cheer is where the athletes come from, now this might seem really obvious if you’re a high school cheerleader so if you go to Mt. Whitney then you’re gonna be a Mt. Whitney Cheerleader, you go to CVC you’re gonna be a CVC Cheerleader but at Phoenix Elite All-Stars our athletes come from everywhere some from Visalia, Tulare, Pixley, Lemoore, Exeter, etc.

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What age can my child start cheerleading?

Here are Phoenix Elite All-Stars we start as young as 4 years old. Four year olds can join our 6 week mini teams called Cheer FUNdamentals. The learn a short routine consisting of jumps, stunts, tumbling and dance and preform it for their families at the end of the 6 weeks.

The next step up is for ages 6-9 years old. This age group can join our Mini Division Team called the FireStarters. This is a half year team that only meets once a week and does 2 competitions with-in California.

Then we have our Junior Division for ages 9-15 years old. This is our Flamez team, which goes on 11 months and competes 3-4 times with-in California.

Last we have Blaze which is our Senior Division for ages 12-18 years old. This is a full year team that competes 3-5 times with-in California & sometimes Las Vegas, Nevada.

Blaze is Putting In the Work

Proud of these girls for just jumping right in with little to no experience! This season is on Fire for sure!

Registration hasn’t closed yet! There’s still a place for you! Open to ages 8 and up. Contact us today to join the team!

We Are BACK!

In case you haven’t heard…. we are 100% fully open.

All programs are open and Registration starts NOW.

We have a few new rules we have to go by….

  1. You MUST Book an Appointment to complete ANY team or class Registration
  2. No waiting in the lobby for your child to complete their class – we have a small space and we want everyone to feel safe, please run an errand/go grab a coffee and comeback to sign your child out.


Concepts of Enthusiasm and Motivation

Passion – strong emotional attachment

Enthusiasm – eager to participate

Motivation – what moves you toward an action

Name one person on the team who is the team motivator?

How does it make you feel when they motivate you?

Name one person on the team who demonstrates passion for the team?

Name one person who is enthusiastic?

Describe what happens when team members are not enthusiastic?

Describe why positive affirmations helps you?

What can YOU do to be considered a passionate, enthusiastic and motivating team member?