We are an athletic arts center. We specialize in competitive all-star cheer and offer other gym services such as private & group tumbling lessons, & cheer clinics. We also offer home-school elective classes, paint parties for both kids & adults, art camps, parents night out & more.

If there’s something you’re searching for but don’t see it offered on our site then just send us a message on our contact page and we’ll let you know if we can accommodate your need!

We have a passion for cheerleading and we want to be able to share our passion with our community.

We believe in excellence and training with our whole heart. We believe in the value of young people. We believe each young person is immeasurably valuable to God, and that they all have such a huge part to play in this world.

When it comes to being an All-Star Athlete at Phoenix Elite All-Stars there are certain standards and goals we are committed to upholding. All-Star athletes are more than just “Friday Night light” cheerleaders. They are competitive athletes at the highest level and strive for the best in everything they do. Phoenix Elite All-Stars prides itself on our standards of appropriate image. We are in no way talking about outward, eye level, appearance, but more importantly the image that is left with someone who is truly amazed by the attitude and generosity of a complete stranger. It is our goal to step back and see a group of young athletes that radiate encouragement and pride in every part of their lives. We are committed to helping our athletes develop these standards and become leaders of success. In our experience, leaders have three main qualities – strong work ethic, supportive attitude, and accountability. A Phoenix Elite All-Stars athlete strives to maintain a classy, sportsmanlike and respectful image in and out of Phoenix Elite All-Stars practice and functions. They will act in a way that will bring a smile to everyone and leave no head unturned. 

     Positive language and self-representation are highly encouraged and enforced for athletes and parents. In cases of bullying or unsportsmanlike behavior inside or outside Phoenix Elite All-Stars related activities or on social media, a zero tolerance policy will be implemented and may result in removal from our programs. It is our commitment to you, to provide the highest standards and safest environment for your athlete’s experience.

     Our program strives to build God’s family through competitive cheerleading. Through this sport, we desire to instill strong Christian values, Christ-like character, teamwork, discipline, and above all integrity. Our main goal is to enrich your children’s lives, teaching them life-long skills & lessons that they can carry with them far beyond their all-star years.

Which is exactly why we encourage all our students to strive to be servant leaders. We want to always give back to our community. We love volunteering & helping out our community with drives like Coats for Kids, Backpack Supplies for under funded local schools, and so much more. Our goal is to create more than just cheerleaders, but joyful community leaders who have a heart to help others.

After all, there is life after cheerleading!

What’s Different About Us?

There are a few notable differences. “Fun dance moves” are favored over “provocative” ones. Uniforms mimic popular style but lengths are often more conservative and midriffs are not bared. Like other cheer programs, positive mentor-ship is a high priority, but this also includes mentor-ship of the spirit in the form of group prayer, fun Bible studies and encouragement to seek guidance from God. We strive to make it clear that faith is important in our program; but we don’t force it on anyone.